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Local Dog Parks_Dog Parks Rules Don't underestimate the responsibility needed from your dog sitter when taking your dog to local dog parks. If you have taken your dog to a dog park, you know the dogs are all excited and most likely not behaving very well. Things can, and have happened... probably to your dog as well. There are dog parks rules that every dog owner must follow to help prevent any incidents from happening, but they are hard to enforce. You must be able to settle down your dog, get him to listen, and keep him away from trouble.

All local dog parks have rules such as picking up the waste after your dog does his business. This means you must pay attention to your dog while you are there. Which brings up the point that you must be inside the enclosed area with him. You must have a leash, and your dog must have a collar. If you need to bring your dog under control, your dog should either come to you easily, or you must be able to take control of him easily.

Aggressive dogs are usually not allowed, as per most dog parks rules. Dogs cannot be off-leash except when inside the dog park. This prevents any possible dog fights occurring outside of the fenced area, or a dog running away off leash. Make sure that you understand the rules of your local dog parks.

Most dog parks have a double-gated entryway. Please be considerate of others as they bring their dogs in or out of the park.This is a safety issue. If the dogs inside the park seem overly excited or aggressive, you can remain inside the double-gated entryway until they calm down and you feel comfortable letting your dog in.

If you are ever uncomfortable with a situation, or you feel that there is a dog that is creating problems, don't be afraid to speak up. It is up to the humans to police the other dogs, educate the other owners, and help enforce the rules. If something cannot be resolved, it is better to just leave the dog park. There is no reason to put your dog, or keep your dog in a bad situation, even if it is someone else's fault.

With that said, local dog parks are a great way to get your dog to blow off some energy, and get some great exercise. Dog Parks can be a great place to socialize your dog as well... under the right circumstances. Only a dog sitter who, can take control of your dog and only introduce them properly, and make sure all dogs involved will not create any problems, should take care of your precious best friend.

The Woof Pack can make dog park visits in Fremont, Union City, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo and parts of San Leandro and Hayward, depending on location to the nearest dog park. We will only take your dogs to enclosed and designated local dog parks that are no more than five miles from your home. We will pick them up, load them in the vehicle, take them to the park, and bring them back tired and happy. We will make sure they have had plenty of water, and they are cleaned up from the dog park.When you are ready for a responsible dog sitter to take your dog to local dog parks and follow all of the dog parks rules, call us at (510) 797-WOOF (9663), or make your dog park visit reservation request now.


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